Prepare the application

Please note that the Foundation only accepts digital documents via the application system on this website. The instructions for the application form are available on "my page" and are updated for each call for applications.

New applicants

If you have not previously registered a user account, an account needs to be created in order to log in to the personal page, "My page".

Register an account. Click on "Log in" and "Register account" to create a user account. Choose a login-proof password of at least eight characters by mixing lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters. Click on "Create user account".

A message will be sent to the specified email address for verification. Click on the link in the email to verify the account.

Previous applicants

Accounts created for the 2011 call or later can be used to log in to this year's call. If the email address has changed since the account was created, please contact the Secretariat.

My page/login

The "Login" section of this website provides access to the application system and "My page". It also provides an overview of pending and submitted applications. Applications not yet submitted are still editable.

Initiated applications that have not been submitted by the end of the application period are deleted from the system within two months.


Have materials ready before starting the application.

  • Short project title in Swedish.
  • Popular science summary in Swedish (max. 1 500 characters including spaces). Please note that the text must be edited and approved for possible publication on the Foundation's website.
  • Project description in Swedish (max. 12 500 characters including spaces). Please note that only for applications in the field of medicine, project descriptions in English will be accepted.
  • Project finances: Main applicant and co-applicants' workload in the project and project-related costs. Information on the total funding for the researchers during the period applied for. Other funders and other funding for the project.
  • Grant manager (higher education institution or other organization).
  • Name, address and e-mail address of the head of department, head of school, manager or equivalent.
  • If the application is a continuation of a previously approved project, an interim report must be submitted together with a financial statement.
  • Details of any grants awarded to other projects by the Torsten Söderberg Foundation.
  • CV in pdf format. To be submitted as an attachment.
  • Signed certificate from supervisor (for doctoral students) in pdf format. Submitted as an attachment.

Things to consider

Text. It is advisable to write the project description and summary in a separate document and then copy and paste the text into the application form. Check the spelling of the text.

Formatting. Note that some fields are character limited and any formatting such as bold, italics and superscripts will be lost. Some special characters are not saved in the system. Headings may be capitalized.

Images and formulae. If the application contains images, diagrams or mathematical formulas, these can be added as an attachment. In "Step 7 - Annexes" the necessary files can be attached in PDF format. The number and size of attachments is limited (max. 2 Mb).

Always preview the application before submitting it. An application is editable until it is submitted. All mandatory information must be filled in.

Empty lines. Delete any empty lines in the budget.