Policy on indirect costs and direct premises costs (from 2019)

Grants for indirect costs for administration and other support activities (overhead) and direct costs for premises should not be included in the budget in the application to the Foundation. The Foundation itself calculates these grants on the basis of information in the application and documentation from the higher education institution or similar.

The policy for grants awarded in 2015 to 2018 can be found here.

Indirect administration costs and direct premises costs are only granted for researchers who will use office space and administration at a higher education institution (university or college). The grant must relate to costs for the researcher at the higher education institution. A standardized surcharge is made by the Foundation afterwards. For research institutes, museums and other organizations there is no surcharge.


The Foundation usually awards framework grants in the field of medicine. In the event that indirect costs are to be charged, they will be charged within the limits of the grant awarded. The contribution to indirect costs may vary on a case-by-case basis according to the applications. However, it may not exceed 20% of the grant awarded. Grants for direct costs of premises are not awarded.

Economics, law and other

In the case of grant funding, a grant for indirect administration costs of SEK 60,000 per year and full-time researcher and a grant for direct premises costs of SEK 50,000 per year and full-time researcher are awarded.

These amounts are recalculated in the case of funded service time that is less than full-time. For professors and researchers with extended research in their position, for example due to reduced teaching obligations, these contributions may be reduced.

The awarded grant can be used freely between the items indirect administrative costs and direct premises costs.

Administration and premises costs not claimed within three months of the year to which they relate are returned to the Foundation.

Research-related costs and project grants

Project grants and grants for research-related costs are requested by the main applicant and paid to the grant manager, not directly to the researcher. The grant manager may not charge indirect administrative costs or direct premises costs to these grants.

Special initiatives

For specific major initiatives, possible grants are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Accounting according to the SUHF model

Accounting for direct and indirect costs according to the SUHF model shall be submitted to the Foundation only upon request.