The Söderberg Trade Prize

The Söderberg Trade Prize was awarded to a person who, through outstanding theoretical or practical efforts, has contributed to the development of distribution in a broad sense. The prize was awarded for 25 years in cooperation with the Swedish Trade Federation and the Stockholm School of Economics.

The Söderberg Trade Prize

Detail of the diploma from the Söderberg Trade Prize 2013, artist Pontus Ljungberg.

The Söderberg Trade Prize of SEK 500,000 was awarded in cooperation with the Swedish Trade Federation and the Stockholm School of Economics between 1988 and 2013.

The prize was awarded both to those who, through research, had made significant contributions to the development of distribution and marketing and to those who, through innovative thinking and business acumen, had developed a sound business concept or improved the efficiency of goods handling. Efforts to raise the status of commerce could also be considered. The prize could also be awarded to a person such as a representative of a company who has developed projects of significant importance for the development of distribution and marketing.

The winner was given the opportunity to put together a symposium in conjunction with the award ceremony.

2013 Klas Nyberg and Fredrik Sandgren (PDF)
2012 Jarno Vanhatapio (prize-writingPDF)
2011 Karin Ekström and Magnus Söderlund (PDF)
2010 Anders Lönner (prize-writing PDF)
2009 Mats Abrahamsson and Gunilla Jönsson (PDF award)
2008 Torsten Jansson
2007 Jonas and Robert af Jochnick
2006 Ulf Elg and Ulf Johansson
2005 Noaward
2004 Björn Passad
2003 Susanne Hertz and Per Andersson
2002 Pär Stenberg and Anders Börjesson
2001 Jan Ramberg
2000 Gert Karnberger
1999 Solveig Wikström
1998 Lars Jacobsson
1997 Sven Gerentz
1996 Lars-Erik Gadde
1995 Jörgen Wennberg
1994 Claes-Robert Julander
1993 Håkan Bryngelsson
1992 Håkan Håkansson
1991 Pelle Nilsson and Thore Nydahl
1990 Lars-Gunnar Mattsson
1989 Hans Andersson and Göran Brodin
1988 Nils-Erik Wirsäll