Monitoring and reporting

The Foundation may at any time carry out spot checks and request evidence of ongoing research projects and the use of funds granted.

Final report

A final report on a grant must be submitted to the Foundation no later than three months after the end of the grant period. Reports in Swedish are submitted digitally via "my page". The project manager/main applicant is also responsible, where applicable, for reporting indirect administrative costs and direct premises costs (OH).

The final report shall include:

  • popular science summary of the project and results
  • scientific account of the project and research results
  • financial report on the use of the funds granted with comments on any discrepancies
  • list of publications.

Printing. Grants that result wholly or partly in a printed publication (anthology) must, in addition to the above final report, submit at least two copies of the printed publication to the Foundation together with a breakdown of the total publication cost.

The Torsten Söderberg Foundation should always be mentioned in the publication, e.g. in the preface, on the title page or in the colophon. 

Interim report

Multi-annual grants are subject to an interim report for the next payment. The interim report is submitted in Swedish via "min sida" and must contain a popular science summary of the project, a financial account of the use of the granted funds and an account of the continued timetable.